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We visited the Battlefield of Shiloh in Tennessee, refreshing our history as we researched the alleged haunted location. With more than 23,700 casualties combined, this location is ripe for residual imprint. There have been numerous reports of apparitions of Generals  & Soldiers of both Union & Confederate.

When visitors become lost or saddened, especially women & children visitors, some have encountered the spirit of a sympathetic “woman in white” – she is said to be a soldier’s wife who nursed the wounded & dying men, she is considered a helpful spirit.

The sounds of the little drummer boy who couldn’t drum “retreat”, but instead accidentally drummed “charge” have been heard- a few visitors have captured his ghostly image in pictures. This spirit is one I would have to contest, as Clem – the drummer boy, died at the age of 85 – not at Shiloh, nor at Chickamauga where they say he was the drummer boy there as well. 

Could there be ghosts at Shiloh Battlefield? Countless people have heard the echoes of cannons & gunfire; horses charging, as a battle rages from a distant past – in the dark of night, when no one is allowed in the park. Then there is the Bloody Pond where thirsty, injured & dying men & their horses sought to cleanse their wounds & quench their thirst, many dying in the water as the pond turned a bloody shade of red. To this day on certain occasions, the pond surprises visitors with a deep red color when the sun hits it just right. Could it be red algae growing on the pond? If it is, wouldn’t the algae be present for extended periods of time in the Summer?

There is also the unsettling rumor that bodies were buried where they fell, most buried in masses. An image that disturbs the inner peace we hope the fallen soldiers have found. An image that sometimes haunts war-time veterans as the reality of many battles are such as this.

  Is Shiloh haunted? It seems  a prime location for a haunting. It is a prime location where our minds  can imagine with great detail the possibilities of a war so relentless that wagons & soldiers stepped on & crushed the dead or dying as the battle ensued. Is Shiloh Battlefield haunted? We didn’t experience any phenomena to prove that it is. But so many visitors have, as suggested by the many posts on various websites.  I can only say it left a vivid impression on me – it could have left a permanent impression upon the earth as well – upon time itself.

See our video, which pays respect to this site, it does not ask you to believe in ghosts.

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